A great photo gallery ensures that your vehicle gets the attention and bids
that it deserves! Cars with good photos ALWAYS receive more money

Key points to keep in mind:

  • Clean car inside and out
  • Landscape pictures (cell phone sideways)
  • Steering wheel straight
  • Try to avoid distractions in the background
  • Try to avoid shadows, try to avoid sun glare


Take pictures in an open outdoor area. Photos can be taken in very simple locations, such as a parking lot, park or other natural background. Please avoid visible shadows and other cars in the background. The vehicle should be clean and dry, and the photos should be taken in good lighting.

As you walk around the vehicle, take a photo from each angle listed below, with the ENTIRE car shown in the
frame. You should be approximately 10-15 feet away from the car, and the vehicle should take up approximately 75% of the frame with some space around the borders.

Please ensure that you have all of the exterior photos listed below:

Also be sure to Include photos of all 4 wheels, along with photos of any dings or scratches on the car.


Interior photos of the Dashboard should include:

  • Wide shot of entire dashboard from driver-side
  • Wide shot of entire dashboard from passenger-side
  • Steering wheel head-on
  • Front screen with mileage showing
  • Entire dashboard from rear seats

Interior photos of the seats should include:

  • Front seats from driver-side
  • Front seats from passenger-side
  • Rear seats

Other things to include:

  • Photo of vehicle window sticker
  • Any additional flaws (cracks, tears, scratches, etc)